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Goguan studio of Hanbok apparels in Myeong-dong

Seoul, Chungmuro 1-ga, 22-15, 2F

【 Tel : 02-318-8288 】

09:00 ~ 22:00(LO21:30)

Always open

1)Rental of apparels

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We have 400sets of Hanbok for female,

100sets for male and 100sets for children,

we can give you a various choice.


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Get matched hair up with our traditional apparels

with only 5000won!


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Our qualified makeup artist team will help you to get great memories.

You are able to give them asking by youself.

(It costs you 15,000won if your course does not contain makeup.)

 4)Shooting in a studio

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Get photos which is taken by pro-photographers.

Great number of props such

as a sword, a fan, a bag and music instrucment.

ALBUM2P copy

More photos taken by photographers in studio,

each one need 10,000won to pay.


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This is our basic service that you can take

your pictures by your self with you own camera and cellphone.

Every course contains this “Selfie” service without extra charge.

Prepared more than 15 traditional studios,

enjoy your unlimited “Selfie” time with you freind.

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6)Resetting makeup and hair

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We have a separate powder room for removing

customers’ hair and makeup settings.

We have things you need like dryer, remover, cottons and so on.

7)Receiving your memory

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Since all process is done, in 10 minutes

you will recieve printed pictures in an album.

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